The  codification which exists in the liminal space between perceptions. A capture format idealized as a syncretic illumination. Where knowledge, new knowledge can be presented and framed.

During the expressive act,  collection of forms and placement of such forms synthesizes a greater informatics process. Together in the relationships between these formerly discrete items a graph or matrix of comparison establishes itself. In the comparison there is novelty. In the comparison there is engendered new states of valence. 


The wonder and beauty of our waste offers incredible multitudes of expressive and programmatic structures by which to synthesize new information. The visual patterns of these comparative forms made available through the creator’s introduction into space-time hinges functions. Today, tomorrow, next year, in a decade or maybe perhaps longer - these forms could possibly supplant noise. However for those with ears to see and eyes to hear, those sentient beings with their cosmological antennae set to receive - are likely operating as presets for a future spatial dynamic. 


What appears as randomization today is tomorrows logic. What appears as ambiguity today is discrete limits tomorrow. 


Language takes many forms. The more expressive the language directly correlates towards the complexity of ideation and level of information and knowledge which can be transcribed. Dimensionality impacts this as well. Artists are engaged in the effort of creating new formal captures of what the cosmos radiates. 


The contemporary versioning of these releases